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Lymphedema & Combined Decongestive Therapy


We are very pleased to announce that Kieu-Oanh is now fully certified in Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT).  She has completed 160 hours of course work, and we congratulate her on being one of the very few therapists in this area that is able to provide this service!

Lymphedema is a condition where swelling occurs as a result of a problem in the lymphatic system. Fluid builds up in the tissue because of a blockage or deficiency in the lymphatic vessels or nodes. Lymphedema is a progressive condition which does not resolve on its own. The swelling will gradually increase in the affected area over time. As the size of the limb increases, it becomes more difficult to use it properly, and eventually activities of daily living become difficult; or impossible.

MLD treatment can help with many conditions such as post-mastectomy lymphedema, cancer, migraines, sports injuries, scar tissue, acne, post-operative rehab, plastic surgery and arthritis.

Lymphedema is a condition that CAN be controlled. It is much easier to control it if it is treated early, so it is better not to wait.  If you know you have swelling in the limb(s) and the size is not decreasing, then get MLD treatment as soon as possible.

We encourage all patients who have lymphedema to book in with Kieu-Oanh and try out this service.  For more information on lymphedema, and to connect with other patients, visit


Last Updated on Oct032012